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International University of MONACO


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Experts in this forum, need your valuable comments on the University of Monaco wrt the course "Master in Finance, Financial Engineering"

Could the experts please rate the university based on the crucial factors like, curriculum, faculty, placements etc.

Thank you and warm regards,

Andy Nguyen

I actually contacted their staff for info last year using the email address on the website but never got an answer.
I took a quick visit again today. It still looks like a trade school to me where you can get a master in Sustainable Peace through Sport, Financial Engineering & Quantitative Finance, as well as Luxury Brand Management, Food & Wine, among others.
I downloaded the brochures of their programs and the impression I got is "lacking in substance". The 3 brochures for Master in Finance programs are almost identical (same director, same Teaching Philosophy). They all say small class size but you have no idea how many student they admit, no clue on how they find job and no surprises, feature one trader/alum.

And the courses
• Derivative Products and Strategies
• Statistics and Financial Data Analysis
• Probability Theory and Discrete-Time Finance
• Risk Management
• Stock and Bond Valuation
• Portfolio Theory and Management
• Financial Programming in Visual Basic for Applications
• Financial Econometrics
• Hedge Fund Strategies
• Analyzing and Trading the Yield and Credit Curves
• Stochastic Calculus and quantitative strategies
• Fin. Modeling MATLAB
Save your money and look elsewhere. Without relevant information, I would not recommend it.


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The first thing I ask myself after looking at the site is: Is there anything at all beyond the site? Or is it just a website to ensnare the unwary and obtuse? This one looks to be another for-profit racket, and was bought up last year by a US for-profit educational company (source). Here is a list of the distinguished faculty. Looks like they have a couple of Wharton MBAs on the team.

My guess would be they attract a large number of Third-Worlders and effectively sell them business degrees of dubious worth. The British closed down a bunch of these last year.

I would steer shy of their fin eng offerings.

Postscript: Things get interesting. Here on their site they claim their MBA program is on the Economist's top 100 MBA list (worldwide). So I checked. Sure enough, they're listed #51 on the list -- ahead of City University and Manchester Business School, ahead of the U of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, ahead of the Indian Institute of Management and the National University of Singapore. And spitting distance away from Cambridge, Cornell, and Warwick. This is U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E. Something is wrong in this rating.


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Hi, I was interested in your forum as I saw the International University of Monaco as a topic.

I am applying for the Master's in Finance - Hedge Funds pathway for next Fall and was recently at the campus in Monaco visiting faculty, program director, staff and students. It is true that the 3 brochures for the Master's in Finance are the same as the differenciation are the pathways; which I think is why there are 3 brochures.

They do have different types of Masters and very reputable MBA but they have (you can see it on all the programs they propose) 3 fields of expertise:
- International Business and Management
- Luxury Management
- Applied Finance (which is what i am interested in :) )

You should really try to get in contact with them as they are pretty responsive and it is a small University (at the size of Monaco!) and the best thing really is to get in contact with their students/alumni.


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true indeed

Andy, Grace and bigbaddie,

Thank you for your comments. Even I derived the same conclusion as you people did. The curriculum isn't upto the mark, the faculty is a bunch of French guys with no major Google presence(but didnt want to assume just because they are not on the Google spiders reach, they aren't good) and nothing much about placement activities too. I want to save my money and a avoid a disastrous career ahead.


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am a hardware engineer! but am looking to pursue ma masters in sports management,.. can anyone help me identify with free or low fee college

Daniel Duffy

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i wanna pursue ma carrier in sports management. just lemme know the best colleges or univ's
or Fifa recognised sporta management courses
Sorry, my remark was off topic. You are not a quant so you miss the joke.

In the Netherlands, sports academies are well-developed (especialy soccer :eek:)

I reckon most poeple have more interest in football, cricket, tai-chi,...
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Hi, as a former Luxury Management student at IUM, I could only provide my comments on the overall school environment. It is a small community and the school is active in building strong networks with local business. From my understanding, most of the finance students get internships in private banking, boutique investment banks and consulting firms. While not the most well known program internationally, but it does best it can to help students to launch a career in the sector that they wish to pursue. The program is intense and the professors are mostly very entrepreneurial. While they may not be famous in the academia, but most of they have established track records in their respective field, for instance, several of our faculty own their own consulting firms. If you are not so concerned with the university size and big name, but with their potential well-rounded engagement and excellence, commitments to all all-level community building and meaningful educational experiences for everyone the school serves. IUM would be the ideal choice.
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