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internships in risk managment

I am a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering with Master is Math from Georgia Tech and I wanted to apply for internship in Quantitative Risk/Risk Management. Can anybody help here? Any site recommendations or contacts?
How important is getting an intern for a final job.
Our summer interns will leave next week. I think methodology group will keep the PHD who does pretty well here. It's too late for summer internship anyway.

I think internship is really important, at least for me, who didn't have relevant experience at all. But some of students landed their jobs without interning.

You should try out company websites...Good luck.
But what company websites are good for risk mangment interns for PhD students. I heard only contacts help and no company looks at their website.
Did you ever try ? :)
If you can post here for help, why don't you go to company websites? But as I said, time for recuiting intern already far too late, unless you want to apply for next summer.
You might also want to try your school career center. I know that the company I work for mostly does its intern recruiting this way. I'm actually sitting next to a PhD in Operation Research intern and this week is his last. So as Yan He said, you're a bit late in the game. :(
Yes I want to apply for next Spring/Summer. But I thought company websites never have helped anybody. Do recruiters help more?
I got my two interns (Spring/Summer) though school career service. I don't think recruiters will help in internship, you can always try.

Company website works for me. I saw the opening in April, applied on the website, got phone calls from HR, then interview, interview, interview, ...., then final offer in late May. Recruiters did land me lots of interviews too.
While looking for an internship I talked to a dozen of recruiters (my friend recommended them), and everybody said that I should contact them several month before graduation. I would suggest to use all opportunities and to apply for some positions on-line does not hurt at all. A lot of my groupmates got an interview applying on-line.