Intro to C++ for Quant Finance

Hi all,

I ordered Introduction to C++ for Financial Engineers and I am enjoying reading it. The companion book Financial Instrument pricing using C++ is not available at Amazon India. I am reading an elementary book on numerical methods alongside. The idea is to finish the book and implement a few numerical algorithms, like spline interpolation and a basic PDE solver, the object-oriented way in two months of time.

This is my first C++ program - a basic implementation of gauss elimination with back substitution.

I want to begin a rigorous study of probability(basic probability and the Williams book), once I have these fundamentals in place.

If anybody has any suggestions on other companion books alongside (e.g. a book on numerical methods with quant finance in mind), I'd be glad to know.


Daniel Duffy

C++ author, trainer

You are probably thinking of the new generalized operator overloading in C++ 2525

Thus whitespace between two C-style string literals is interpreted as concatenation. The facility was
missing in K&R C, introduced into ANSI C, and adopted by C++ in the ARM (Ellis and Stroustrup: "The
Annotated C++ Reference Manual, " Addison-Wesley 1989).
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