Introduction to probability models by Ross, opinion pls.

"Introduction to probability models" by Ross is the required textbook for my Intro to Stochastic Processes class. What do you think about this textbook? It is not highly rated on Amazon and I did not like Ross's "First course in probability".

EDIT: I've just read the reviews on Amazon, and, unfortunately, this book follows the same style as his "First course on probability" - a lot of examples and little theory. I definitely want to supplement it with something else.

What other textbook would you recommend of the same level?

Thank you!
For the Intro class, you don't need anything else. Later on you'll want something more serious. It also depends on the professor and his choice of dellivery and reliance on a specifci textbook.

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You might want to check out 'Probability for Risk Management'. Make sure to read the table of contents to see if it contains the subjects you need. I've used it years ago, great book.
Based on customer reviews on Amazon, this is something for actuaries rather than for this community. Not that there isn't a significant overlap here.