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UCB MFE Is it easier to get into UCB MFE than before?

Discussion in 'Quant Programs' started by oldbunny, 6/14/18 at 1:17 PM.

  1. oldbunny

    oldbunny New Member

    It seems that the class size of the UCB MFE program has increased(a lot) since this year. More admissions were offered in round 1 and round 2 than before, and most of the applicants only had one tech interview without the second interview with Linda. It seems that the bar of this program is now much lower than before and other top-tier programs (CMU, Baruch)...
  2. GaTechAccepted

    GaTechAccepted New Member

    Considering first two rounds only - it's 13 (this year) vs. 10 (last year). Nothing significantly different, really.

    The Linda Interview has been substituted with a video essay, I think - nothing to do with selectivity.
  3. oldbunny

    oldbunny New Member

    As far as I know, there were more than 20 just in round 1...
  4. GaTechAccepted

    GaTechAccepted New Member

    I was going by the tracker, purely. It generally gives a fair representation.
  5. Max Lamberti

    Max Lamberti New Member

    To my knowledge class size this year is still 80 students. I haven't heard of anything otherwise.

    Difficult to speculate on the bar going up or down just because they removed one non-technical interview from the application process. UCB MFE is still regarded very highly, so I don't feel they have a need of lowering their bar of entry.

    Still, if it's true that more admits were sent out and accepted at this stage and class size remained constant, it simply means the later rounds will be that much harder to secure a spot.

    Until the new class stats get released it's all just speculation I guess.

    If anyone is interested and hasn't seen these, here are the class profiles of the UCB MFE program going back to 2002: Class Profile - Master of Financial Engineering Program | Berkeley-Haas
  6. Cowstar

    Cowstar New Member

    The program has been running for 15 years now, I believe they know pretty well what they are doing by now. If the quality of applicants in the first rounds is better than the previous years, it would make sense to admit more people in those rounds. As stated, all speculation until class stats get released
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