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Is it still possible to move from a hedge fund to an investment bank as a quant?

Finishing my PhD in Computer Science. What initially attracted me to become a quant was a presentation by a guy from J. P. Morgan and then self-study on things like measure theory, stochastic calculus, modelling of GBM etc., in short the deep mathematical parts.

But as I am looking for a job, it seems banking jobs are nearly impossible to get for a fresh PhD graduate like me (unfortunately without even an internship, and from a good university, but not Cambridge/Stanford etc.) However, I have cleared a few rounds of interviews with a hedge fund as a quantitative investment strategist, the director seemed happy talking to me and think I can get this offer.

So my question is, is it really the kind of quant job that those guys at investment banks do?
  1. Is there any similarity or overlap? Will getting some experience help me transition into the sell side?
  2. Also, does a quant job at a hedge fund depend on continuously generating profitable trading strategies, making a killing in the market? That seems kinda difficult and stressful for me. Do the quants/strats on the sell side develop strategies, or are they more into pricing exotic derivatives, writing codes etc.?
I have some other offers working on things like deep learning/data science etc. but nothing to do with financial market. I am basically weighing my options.

Although I have a deep interest in the financial market and the academic theories, not sure if working as a quant/trader and going through the daily ups and downs is for me. So some insights into what can I expect as a quant at a hedge fund will be great.