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Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for application evaluation?


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Is photocopy of Toefl/GMAT revised PS accepted for applicati

Hi all,

I sent photocopy of both scores with my application material. And Nelisa previously told me that"official scores are required, but the application can be evaluated if photocopies of scores are received".
Today I received application status mail, stating that official report of both scores are not received.
So can anybody tell me, is photocopy acceptable for application evluation? I sent email to Cathy, she may be too busy to reply to me.

Also, I find my submitted PS completely a disorganized mess. Is it possible for me to send revised PS for review? But again, I still didn't get Cathy's reply. I sincerely hope the revised PS can be part of application material. Is there any way I can make it??

Thanks for any reply.


Andy Nguyen

As Nelisa pointed out, your application will be evaluated with copies of the GRE/TOEFL scores. This is a way to get the ball rolling while they wait for your official score transcripts. That means you still MUST request the scores to be sent to Baruch. As long as they don't have your official score, your application will be marked INCOMPLETE. No decision will be made till it's completed

As for your personal statement, you can try to send the revivied one but there is not guarantee it will be considered if they already started your case.
You can contact Nelisa or post question here. This is as good as it can get during this time of year. Cathy is extremely busy with the number of application we have this year so don't expect to get her response for each case.

FYI: When i applied, i didn't get any email from her, only recieved official letters from the Admission office regarding the status of my application.

Best regards,