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Rutgers FSRM Is Rutgers FSRM good ?

Which one is better ?

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Hi everyone,

I got admitted to the Rutgers FSRM, I have read everything that was reported previously on the website regarding the program. I like the courses of the program and at the outset faculty does not look bad either.
Most of the alumini had good things to say about the program. However, I donot see any discussion about program that is recent.

1. Does anyone know if the program is evolving in the right direction ?

2.It costs 21000 $ per semester and was wondering if it justifies the cost relative to other programs ?

3.Also, Does Rutgers on the resume fetch interivews ?

4.How does it compare with Stevens MFE and NYU Tandon MFE?

i would greatly appreciate your response, Thanks
Thanks !! @Philip_Mitterrand
I read a post which mentions that many of the MFE's end up in data analytics or risk management. Therefore, would it not make sense to just concentrate on Financial statistics and Risk management?