Is there any benefit for applying MFE program from unfamiliar country??

zhen lieu

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I know that almost most of the students from China or India.
Is there any benefit for applying MFE program from Taiwan ?(seems like really few people are applying from Taiwan)
Does admission committee consider the diversity of the student body based on their nationality?


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Taiwan's population is 24 million; China and India are something like 2.8 billion.

I agree there are fewer people from Taiwan in MFE's; it's not clear to me that less are applying on a proportional basis.

That said, diversity across many dimensions is mentioned as a desired criteria. Except GRE quant. That should be 170. No need for diversity in math prep.


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I'd say you shouldn't worry about it. You can't control what they think about you coming from whichever country you're from. Even if there's a systematic bias/racism going on, there's nothing we could do about that as an applicant, just strengthen your profile, and apply.