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Is this competitive enough for a MFE program?


I was wondering if my background is good enough to get into a quality MFE program, if I were to apply during the next application period:

I am currently a third year student at ucla. I'm double majoring in business economics and math economics, with GPA around 3.5, hopefully will have it 3.6+ by the end of this year. I have a few internships in the past, including real estate investing and marketing at an investment bank. This summer, I have a summer analyst stint at a middle market I-bank in LA. I have held leadership positions on campus, primarily through my fraternity. I have also had a job on campus since I entered, and am now a 'building supervisor' for the facility. I have taken a few programming classes on campus, primarily C++ and web-based stuff. Nothing related to MATLAB or anything like that. My math econ major takes me into upper-div math and stats classes, so I will have enough math classes.

I took a practice GMAT, and scored low 700s. My quant score was 48. I haven't taken any prep classes or anything, and I will, so I'm aiming for a 760+. Obviously, this is a key part of the app, so it sort of depends on what I get. A suggestion of where I SHOULD be would be great, taking all of my stuff into consideration.

I want to aim really high, but I honestly have no clue where I stand. I want to do Columbia, just because I respect derman's innovative nature. But obviously, any top school would be great.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate all the help I can get.