Japanese Top Bank Quant Associate vs Family Fund Buy Side Quant

My background: 6 months in 2nd Tier Prop Firm Junior Quant Trader

I have received verbal offers from two of the firms:
1) FX Corporate Sales Desk Quant Associate
2) ETP Buy Side Jr. Quant for a PM

First pays more base than second but I'm quite inclined towards 2nd due to learning scope as well as performance-wise bonus. But it's around 20% cut.

I have another application going with one of the Top 3 US Banks as a Quant Intern, where I've passed 3 rounds but they assured me to expedite the process within 2 weeks before I sign any formal deal.

I have quite other applications ongoing at other hedge funds which are looking good.
What should I do at this point? Sign some contracts and still interview or reject some of them if they are pressing for time?
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