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Job Opportunities Post an MSFE Degree in the COVID situation


After the virus has turned our lives upside down - wanted to know how it has impacted the Job Market for MSFE Graduates from Columbia/ Cornell/ CMU and other schools. Has it gotten worse? If so, how bad is it?

Planning to pursue the same next year but wish to be aware before itself. Any opinion or experience will help. Thanks!
I've just started, so I'll let you know. Initial feedback - there are hiring freezes in a lot of places for quant talent, but they have been in place since Feb / March 2020. There's kind of a backlog at the moment of demand, which will hopefully get released soon. With the "K" shaped recovery, asset management has been less affected than we might have expected, but there's still a general sense of gloom and doom.

We can't really control that, but we can keep studying, improving our skills, and making ourselves more useful than the next candidate. Don't take this as encouragement - it's hard to stay focused. But it's the best option to land a role in this insanity.