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Job Post: Java Programmer -- Trading Systems

My partners and I recruit for hedge funds and prop trading firms mainly in the US (we occasionally have international roles as well). One of our clients in California is looking for individuals with strong Java programming skills. They recently hired a recent PhD in Computer Science with no work experience at all. Having said that, note that one's degree is immaterial -- their CTO never finished college -- so culturally, they don't really care about the degree (BS, MS, PhD) as long as they think you're smart and enjoy programming.

Note that there are different types of roles -- some that call for coding trading strategies (working with trader and researchers along the way) and others that are focussed on writing code for the infrastructure (connecting to world markets for instance).

They make good offers -- a recent grad can expect a total comp package of $150-$180k; experienced professionals will make more.

If you (or anyone you know) might be interested, please drop me a note with you resume at sameer@marklewisinc.com. Feel free to ask questions.