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Job Posting: Junior Quant/Trader role in NYC...

Hello everyone. This is a job posting for a client of ours. I am with a recruiting firm called Mark Lewis, Inc. (Welcome to Marklewisinc.com) -- we recruit for quantitative and technology roles at hedge funds and prop trading firms.

The Junior Quant/Trader roles is based in NYC and is with the electronic market making group of a major financial firm. Here's how the hiring manager described the role:

"We are looking for a quantitative individual, currently working in a technological role at the high frequency time scale for the equity product. The individual should have verifiable skills in math, programming and some basic statistics. The role is junior trader, sharing the responsibility for daily operations, system maintenance, and having input to algorithm and strategy development. Looking for someone with less than 4 years of experience. Technical skills required are C++ and SQL. Perl would be a plus."

In my discussion with him, he said he is looking for someone that has worked in a technical capacity and is now interested in moving to the desk. Someone that has worked with equities on an algorithmic trading platform would be the perfect fit. Note that you don't have to have a Ph.D. but he does want to ensure we present candidates that have a quantitative background. Also note that he isn't looking for someone with tons of experience so if you've only been working for a year or two, that's fine.

Reach out to me at sameer@marklewisinc.com -- also, it's okay if you are not a "perfect fit." We can chat and figure out if it makes sense to proceed. The decision to apply or not needs to be made on a case-by-case basis.