[Job] Text Mining Analyst in Toronto, Canada

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Text Mining Analyst in Toronto, Canada

Primary Responsibilities:
  • Perform sentiment analysis using various news data feeds.
  • Analyze large amounts of news data to discover patterns, find anomalies, build models and derive insight.
  • Utilize Data Mining and Machine Learning techniques to establish scalable, efficient, automated processes for large scale data analysis, model development and model validation.
Requirements of the Candidate include:
  • PhD in Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or related field.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in Text Analysis and Sentiment Analysis.
  • Experience analyzing large datasets.
  • Solid programming experience necessary.
Apply/contact info for candidates
Waterfront International
Email: recruiting@wil.com

Agency's profile
Waterfront International is a Toronto-based quantitative finance research firm, specializing in developing computer based statistical trading strategies. Waterfront’s selective hiring process considers only highly talented individuals with a history of exceptional experience.