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jobs abroad, will travel

Hi everyone.

Does anyone know what the job markets in Asia, and Europe are like for American-born quant grads, with no lineage, just a desire to travel and work abroad?

I read a post recently about a Chinese student trying to get a job in NYC. How would an American student get a job in Shanghai, for example?

Do jobs exist for quants who want to travel or want permanent job holdings abroad?

What about language skills? I imagine fluency is required for permanant relocation and is preferable for everything else but what about jobs that require travel not permanent? What language skills are necessary for various different jobs?

Any relevant info would be great, thank you
Brent, a lot of ibanks and hedge funds have offices abroad. For instance, Goldman has offices and is hiring for roles in London, S'pore, HK and Tokyo (I'm sure they have other international offices besides these as well). Hedge funds, that are beyond a certain size, will typically have a presence in international markets as well.

So a good way to go about doing this is to find a firm that has international offices and apply. The other way perhaps might be to find local headhunters, in say Tokyo, to find roles in that city.

Unsure of the language skills. That's a good question. I haven't come across language requirements as we've recruited for role abroad -- perhaps that's because the business is still conducted in English? Might be a question of some of the people on these boards that are working abroad.