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Hi all

I am considering to enroll myself in Master in Financial Mathematics from John Hopkins University. I am currently working in Quantitative advisory services in EY India and doing derivatives pricing as day to day. I hold a master's degree and bachelors degree in economics but I want to learn more on Numerical Methods, PDEs and Simulation methods in finance.

So my question is, what should I explore for most value of money? Currently I am unsure between CQF or John Hopkins. I can't leave my job due to financial constraints and hence can only look out for virtual mode of studies. Please suggest
What is your purpose for pursuing either?
For example: do you wish to advance in the risk profile, i.e. advanced projects? or move to the sell-side structuring role (Prime services or equity synthetic products group)?
With your background getting into to HFT/Quant research role in India will be very tough (extensive programming, and ML required with a STEM undergrad)

I don't think that an online master's will provide that much value unless you are absolutely sure about your goal.
Financial mathematics is very valuable for risk model validation/development, I would suggest you ask EY if they can sponsor either CQF or online masters.

However, if you wish to move away from consulting then I'll suggest getting in touch with the professionals working in Banks directly and asking them for some advice.

Lastly, one of the most important skills for model development is and will always be C++, make sure it is part of the course curriculum, whatever you end up choosing.
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