Just enrolled in NTU MFE


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I'm currently a full-time NTU MFE student. Prior to starting the program, I had some difficulty finding recent views on the program (as I was deciding between other programs), and I thought I could share some of my deciding factors here to help any who are currently considering the program. ��

My reasons for choosing NTU MFE:
• Curriculum seems more mathematical/technical vs the other SG programs. This appeals to me as a business undergrad as the mathematical/technical side is where my weakness is. The curriculum is clearly broken down into math/finance/computing.
• In line with the above point, I will also affirm, after my first mini-term, that the program is very intellectually challenging; this is in line with views from alumni.
• In terms of job placements, what I've gathered from alumni is to keep an open mind. For example, the higher-paying front office jobs have been offered, but these are naturally the minority. That being said, I believe the technical skills picked up (especially the computing element) will only be increasingly crucial in the finance workplace in general.
• The CMU semester is an opportunity to learn computational finance at a top computer science school in the world (plus travel out of Singapore). This also made the program feel worthwhile for its cost.
• I also find the breadth of the NTU facilities (from libraries to sports facilities) to be a point of attraction.

Hope this provides an updated perspective on the NTU MFE program!
Hey! I was just called for the Interview at NTU and wanted to know what kind of questions I could expect? any details would be very helpful, Thanks in advance!


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Hi! The MFE programme at NTU Singapore is now open for application for the July 2019 intake. If you are interested in the programme, I encourage you to submit your application by the Round 2 deadline - Dec, 31 2018. The final deadline is Feb 28 2019. Application can be submitted here. More information on our merit scholarship can be found here.

Feel free to email mfe@ntu.edu.sg if you require any further information on the programme and application process.