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Just got my degree! Woo hoo!

Well, I'm now a master of science of financial engineering. Yay!!!

I do have a question about the sheepskin, though. I picked up my degree from the registrar, and it says:

The Bernard M. Baruch College
The City University of New York
blah blah blah confers upon:
Peter Jay Salzman
The Degree of Master of Science
together with all the rights, privileges, money, kudos, accolades appertaining thereto by forthwith unto blah blah blah

But nowhere does it say anything about a masters of science in *financial engineering*. It might be a masters of science of neurolinguistic programming and nobody would know the difference.

There's a vertical space right after "Master of Science" where conceivably one could print "Financial Engineering" and I'm wondering if this is a misprint.

Can someone please look at their degree and let me know what you see?



Older and Wiser
I don't think it will ever say master in financial engineering. Actually, I don't think it will mention your major.
Alain is right. I graduated my undergrad with four degrees, two majors and two minors. My diploma just says "Bachelor of Sciences".
OK, thanks for clearing that up. All 3 of my physics degrees say "physics" on them, but that's University of California and California State University.
I think it depends on the school. My ugrad school (i had a grad and a ugrad degree from my ugrad school) prints the major on diploma, but my grad school does not print major on diploma.


Psychic in Training
At Binghamton, my B.S. in Comp Sci said "Bachelor of Science in Comp Sci", but my B.A. in Biology said only "Bachelor of Arts", no mention of Biology lol.