Ken Abbott: Financial Regulation - Evolution and Current State - May 12 Master Class


Baruch MFE Director
Financial Regulation: Evolution and Current State
Ken Abbott, Morgan Stanley
Baruch MFE Master Class
Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Baruch MFE Program will offer a one-day Master Class on Financial Regulation: Evolution and Current State taught by Ken Abbott, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, Firm Risk Management, Morgan Stanley Bank, on Saturday, May 12, 2012.

This Master Class will provide attendees with an overview of financial markets regulation, with an emphasis on sales and trading. There will be a particular focus on the impact of recent legislation on banks.

Seating is limited to 75 participants.

Overview and Framework for Financial Regulation
  • Key Players
  • Types of Regulation
Market Failure and the Role of Regulation
  • The Microeconomics of Regulation
  • Market Failure and Externalities
  • Government Intervention Defined
The Evolution of Regulation
  • US Regulatory History
  • EU Regulatory History
Current Regulatory Framework
  • Basel I
  • Basel II
  • Basel 2.5
  • Basel III
  • Dodd-Frank
  • Volcker Rule
  • Enhanced Prudential Standards Rulemaking
Regulatory Bodies Overview
  • US
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Ken Abbott is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley in New York, where he is the Chief Operating Officer for Firm Risk Management. In addition, he also supervises legal entity risk management for Morgan Stanley and is the senior risk officer covering the buy side. Previously, he ran market risk management for Bank of America’s Investment Bank. He has over 25 years banking experience, including 14 years at Bankers Trust as an analyst, trader, and risk manager. Ken has a BA from Harvard in Economics, an MA from NYU in Economics and an MS from NYU/Stern in Statistics and Operations Research. He sits on the GARP Board of Directors.

Ken is very generously volunteering his time and will not charge any fees for teaching the Master Class. Instead, one half of all tuition proceeds will be donated to the New Jersey Scholars Program on behalf of Ken Abbott.

Finance professionals, academics, and students interested in gaining a high level introduction to financial regulatory institutions and how they affect financial markets as well as those employed in that arena.
Attendees will deepen their knowledge of the regulatory machinery surrounding financial markets, how it has evolved over time, and how recent changes may affect the industry going forward.


Saturday, May 12
9:00-9:30am Registration and light breakfast; coffee and tea available throughout the day
9:30am-12:30pm Morning Session
12:30-2:00pm Lunch Break (lunch not provided)
2:00-5:00pm Afternoon Session

Location: 55 Lexington Avenue (at 24th Street), Room 5-150, Newman Vertical Campus, Baruch College


Seating is limited to 75 participants.

Practitioner: $550 (includes a $275 tax-deductible donation to the New Jersey Scholars Program)
Student/Academic: $250 (includes a $125 tax-deductible donation to the New Jersey Scholars Program)

Pre-register at

Within two business days of pre-registering, an email with information on how to complete the registration, including information about processing the tax-deductible donation, will be sent from

Contact and further information:
I know this is a long shot, but is there a possibility of making the class available online/ making the material available online for a fee?


Ting Ting
Looking forward to this!

Joy Pathak

So this should be interesting tmrw especially given what happened with JPM yesterday. Hopefully we can have a few minutes to talk about what exactly happened...why...and possible implications.


Baruch MFE Director
Ken, thank you for a very educational and informative Master Class, delivered with passion and humor :) I very much enjoyed it, as did the participants.

I am now looking forward to the next Master Class ;)


Ting Ting
Ken Abbott, Thank you for spending an entire Saturday on a very informative lecture on this topic. You have managed to distill a mountain of information into a manageable road map that any risk professional can follow. That's a testament to your insight and experience. On top of everything, it goes to a great cause!

Thanks again and I would heartily recommend this to anyone who is or aspiring to be a risk manager.

Joy Pathak

The seminar was great. Even though I don't work in regulatory related area directly it affects my work indirectly and found the information very useful. I mentioned a few things like the new Basel document that was "hot of the press" at my weekly meeting at work today and I got lots of praise for it by senior management...So thanks for that to Ken for showing that to us. I am looking forward to getting all the documents that were shown.

In addition, I found the anecdotal stories from Ken's personal experience absolutely amazing. It helped me get a much better perspective on the crisis. I hope there are much Master classes of this sort. Looking forward to it.


Ting Ting
Ken Abbott, I have a question regarding CCAR. Are the BHC's own baseline/stress scenarios published anywhere?