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Ken Abbott: Financial Regulation - Evolution and Current State - May 12 Master Class


Ting Ting
Thanks Ken!

Leon Tatevossian

RBC Capital Markets
Very timely and thought-provoking class. I don't know how Ken was able to go from Glass-Steagall (1933) to Dodd-Frank and the Volcker Rule (2010 and beyond) plus cover the history of the Basel Accords (starting with 1988's Basel I) and make it all fit together -- and convince us that that this regulatory history is often non-intuitive -- all in a single day. This is clearly somebody who has thought deeply about how to present this material to people with different backgrounds and interests and knows how to conceptualize it holistically. The fact that he interpreted much of the content in terms of his "ground-level" view of the 2008 crisis was particularly informative. Thank you, Ken, for a job very well done.