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Law intern experience worth it for Quant?

Dear Quantnet,

I am an aspiring quant and have a quick question regarding resume building. I have a short law intern opportunity this coming Winter, Dec to Jan, and wondered would it be worth it take it. It is in Singapore, at a 20-year old law firm, and I'll be doing 'Commercial Litigation'.

Honestly, many said I need to put in a lot of hard work to get a quant position and if this includes a winter intern and not slacking with family for the festivities, so be it. But is it worth it to have it on my resume? Really, it's between this or say improving my C++ chops and PDE knowledge via self-study after which i can still chill with Moms in the living room.

Get the internship or not?

Hello Andy.

Thanks for the reply. I totally get what you mean - internship is good. relevant internship is better.

The website advertises themselves as providing "a full spectrum of legal services which include corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, litigation advice."

In terms of doing real quant stuff, I guess it'll only make my profile marginally better. But I'm thinking that satisfying the 'work experience' can be done outside school time. So if this opportunity is over the winter, might as well do it. Then in the coming spring term, I can go back to the technical programming, math, and statistics.