Learning the Finance part before pursuing Financial Engineering


I am a senior in BS (Hons.) Math (plus minor in CS) program. I wish to pursue MFE/MQF. As of now I have appropriate knowledge about mathematical elements involved in these programs. However I feel that I severely lack proper information about the finance side of such courses and career.

I do know about financial products (Bonds, Stocks, Derivatives) and few pricing models (again, it is more mathematical than finance) but I don't have proper information on Hedge Funds, Prop Trading, etc. I strongly feel that before committing to pursue MFE/MQF, I should be very well aware of financial markets and products.

Thus, I request you to guide me on how to acquire knowledge on these topics (and any topic of finance which should be known to a MFE/MQF aspirant). Please recommend any type of instruction: books, MOOCS, YT videos etc.

Apart from that I request you to list down a brief syllabus/curriculum consisting of all the topics of finance one needs to know before applying to MFE/MQF schools and deciding on the career path of Quantitative Finance.

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You can go through CFA L2 curriculum (Economics, Fixed Income, PM) and this book to cover the finance part that is required for an MFE:
• Option, Futures and Other Derivatives - JC Hull
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