Lecture Notes/Websites for fundamental math/derivative materials

Does anyone know some good websites where someone who would like to better understand derivative valuation, but does not have a math background, can review. I have a very limited understanding of even the basic math needed to understand dervative valuation and as a result, a lot of the books I have bought, such as Nefti, I don't get much from because I struggle to follow the math/equations. Does anyone know any good websites where I could perhaps access some educational materials on areas such as algebta, calculus, trig, etc?

Alternatively, does anyone know any good books that cover all the basics of the math needed to begin reading books such as Nefti etc? I know such books are extremely simple to you guys, but as someone who has not done any math in years I really need something that is basic enough for me and covers the main areas of math I should know.

Thanks for any help.

Sanket Patel

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You may find this useful: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/

Contains notes for College Algebra, Calc I - III, Linear Algebra, and Ordinary Differential Equations.
I'd say James Stewart's Calculus and Concepts is a fairly standard undergrad's maths textbook with lots of worked examples, good explanations and exercises (including solutions). It does have some basics on Linear Algebra, too, if I recall correctly.