Letters of Recommendation for Princeton MFin


Can anyone explain what exactly are the admissions committee asking for from the Letters of Recommendation? For example, the MIT MFin clearly gives a list of questions they want to ask the recommender. This made it easier for me to decide who will be the best recommender for answering these questions. But Princeton MFin doesn't really specify what they want to know about the candidate from the recommender. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Like for example, do they want the recommender to talk about my academic performance in quant related subjects and if I will be able to master the quant subjects/courses in the MFin program and beyond? Or just talk about generic academic ability and discipline/rigor I showed during my undergrad. My choice for a recommender will depend on what they want to know.

For context, my recommendation from my thesis guide for academic ability/mastery will be very strong, but if I had to get a recommendation from a professor who taught me a quant course, and it might not be as strong as the former since I'm not very close to that prof.

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a little old, but still definitely worth a read.
Generally speaking, I believe they are looking for your academic capabilities. They essentially wanna make sure that you’ll be able to keep up with the rigor of the program. From what I researched online, it’s best to pick a professor that knows you well and can give specific examples/details than someone who u just an A in. I would pick your thesis guide