Level of math in a quant job


I am actually preparing an master degree in stats in France (CNAM Institute to be precise)

I am really interested in it, Maths is my passion.

I am studying basic stats modelling, econometrics, ODE, SDE, algebra, analysis, with some advanced subjects as Monte Carlo, Markowitz models, and so on.

But everybody around me is repeating that I am loosing my time, that everything is computerized now.

Is enybody here can tell if it is realistic to get a quant job with 90% of knowledge and experience in Matlab and stats and only 10% in terme of coding.

Should I try a computer science degree instead ?

Thanks for those that work actually in London and/or Paris to help me on these point and excuse my english.

Best regards.
Hi everyone,

as i said i am studying PhD in Applied math, but let me specify that my area is numerical analysis. I do code things in c++ to solve PDEs , analyze numerical methods, etc . In this area it's completely necessary to have both skills, math and programming. I have two years left to graduate and i am starting to plan what i am going to do when i finish, since i believe Academia is not for me. That's why i become really interested in quant jobs. I posted all these questions to make sure if i could be comfortable applying my skills in a job in finance. After reading all your answers, i am confident that there are still quants job for more my profile (math & progamming)