LinkedIn to file for IPO

LinkedIn Plans to Pursue an IPO -

Social-networking company LinkedIn Corp. intends to file for an initial public offering within months, another sign that the market for high-tech companies is heating up.

The Mountain View, Calif., company, whose members include more than 85 million business professionals, will likely file its S-1 registration statement during the first quarter,


Quant Headhunter
LI is relatively unusual in social networking because from the start it had revenues from users, not just advertisers.

It's mildly interesting to me why they picked 2011 to IPO. They are not so very far off hitting the 100 million level at their current rate of growth, and the announcement of that sexy number would of course affect the share price big time. I guess that would be Q4.

LI also probably benefits from good name recognition amongst the financial community, it may even be the case more portfolio managers are on LI than Facebook given the demographics of those networks.

Joy Pathak

LinkedIN is absolutely great. I hope they raise a decent amount of funds. I am excited to see what new features they will come out with.