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List of Facebook and Twitter accounts for MFE programs


Deleted member 2387

I'm looking at Baruch and NYU streams right now. But as a rule, for me, if it reads as an RSS feed or if it is updated every application deadline season, interest drops off. Put in a seminar video tiny url, a homework problem, a twitpic or two from students in class, that'll keep it interesting. Im just saying.
In contrary to the info overloading problem I have with MBA programs, MFE programs seem to abandon their accounts shortly after they set it up.
Look at the twitter list I set to follow theses programs http://twitter.com/#!/quantnet/programs/members
Do you see how often they update it?
And like you, if they put them in auto rss, I'm going to put them on the ignore list. Gotta put a human touch into it like you really care.
MBA programs may be the first to join that fray but I doubt their MFE counterparts would do that anytime soon. Just look at how they have used the established services like FB/Twitter.
It's not easy to use social networks the right way or master it.
Do they use them effectively? No. Do they still sign up for them? Yes.