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Hi peops. I have now graduated with a masters degree in Applied Math from Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Specialized in Quantitative Finance and thesis about derivative pricing with Stochastic Vol models. I want someone to look at my resume, grades etc and tell me what kind of jobs it realistic for me to aim for.

Is there any firm in London that can provide that kind of service? I could for instance get 1-2 hour of consultancy for X GBP.

I have noticed there are so many consultancy agents specifically hiring quants. Maybe some of them do provide the service I am asking for ...
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Have you tried reaching out to recruiters? There are good recruiters and bad recruiters, just like anything else. But a good recruiter will give you advice and insight into the job market and what you are suited for. And they will be providing this service without cost to you, hoping to earn a commission if they successfully place you in a position.
Rather than talking with people in London from very different backgrounds, try talking with alumni, and in particular with ones who have worked in London.

From the title of your thesis it sounds like you would be a good fit to do traditional quant work at a bank. Hopefully on your resume you already have intership experience, and indeed you'd probably be looking at going for another intership in London and try to leverage that into a full time position. You can reach out to recruiters, but I don't think they usually place interns, but they may tell you about roles you hadn't previously considered.


Thank you both for valuable inputs. Can you guys suggest som good recruiting firms I can reach out to?