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Hi guys,

I will appreciate if veterans here can help me with profile assessment and with some questions.

I am a fixed income professional with over 10yrs of experience within EM fixed income research. My work basically involves developing trade strategies on vol/swaptions/swaps/xccy swaps/local/hard ccy bonds and I use my programming skills (python/VBA) for fair amount of my work to either analyze trend in flows, develop valuation models (ACM term premium, multi factor models etc) or do portfolio optimization. I also have good understanding of C++. I am looking to further advance my knowledge of quantitative finance and want to enroll into a well structured MFE program. I do not want to give up my current job and my education will be largely funded by my firm in case I choose to do part time program. I am also willing to take a sabbatical and go for full time program in case I do not make it to part time program.

My question is whether my academic performance will still matter for admissions into some of the top program (after 12yr of work-ex)?
I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology-Roorkee with bachelors in Mechanical engineering. My CGPA was 6.8/10 and my grade in mathematics courses were not really that great.

Another question is on recommendations. I have good rapport with professors at my college but after so many years of work experience, does recommendations from college carry weightage. Some of my colleagues have suggested that recommendations from academia rather than industry carries greater weight. Is that correct? I was thinking of taking two recommendations from industry and one from college.

I am looking to apply for part time programs at NYU Courant, Baruch MFE and Columbia MAFN. I am also applying to full time program at Berkley MFE, Columbia MFE, CMU MSCF and Chicago MSFM. What are my chances of getting into these programs?

Appreciate any feedback.

Many Thanks
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