Lower than expected GRE scores


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Hi everyone,

I'm not feeling well about my GRE scores. But first to introduce myself, I am in my last year majoring in Math and Stats with a Minor in Finance at a Canadian university. I have a very high gpa (~3.97/4.00), and two risk management internships at a big Canadian bank. I first took the GRE in beginning of December, got 161Q/157V/4AWA. The quant score I got is much lower than expected, especially having done very well in a quantitative major. I took it again, and got only 2 points higher on both Q/V (163Q). I think its nerves that got me both times, especially being so anxious about the ticking timer. Had I not been so anxious, I would have been able to do better, but I don't think there's much I can do about being anxious during the test anymore.

I would like to apply to NYU MathFin, NYU-Poly FE, Columbia MFE, and Columbia MAFN. I just want to know if they will even consider my application with my quant score being lower than the average. What can I do to improve my chances, and should I include an explanation of the low GRE score in my essay?

Thanks to all in advance!