LSE Finance to MITFin/ Princeton Finance


I am MSc in Finance student at the LSE. However I would like to go deeper into finance and a one year-long master is not enough. I also want to work in the US so I decided to apply to MIT and Princeton as well for next year.

I would like to work in investment banking and I had a 3.86 GPA during my undergraduate in Mathematics and Economics at Ecole Polytechnique. I also have two small summer internships in a corporate finance firm and am trying to secure a summer internship in IB for summer 2022.

What would be my chances for Princeton Finance and MIT Finance and what would you recommend me doing to maximize my chances of acceptance?

Thanks a lot
Hey there - Investment Banker here.

MIT and Princeton are names that will get you at least an internship in IB (assuming you interview well), but the same applies to LSE - depending on a couple other factors like your work experience. Undergrad in Math and Economics is not really the norm, but it will help you differentiate yourself from other candidates if you play your cards well.

Also worth noting (to level set expectations), at this point in time all banks have already hired their Summer Analyst classes of 2022 and we're already recruiting for Summer Associates (which you would fall under with a master's degree). We would normally extend offers to Summer Associates before the Christmas break and by the first week of January at the latest. From that point on, the only spots left would be for interns who all of a sudden change their minds or for those whose offers we rescind, which frankly aren't too many. Just bringing it up because if you want to land an internship in the U.S., you might already be late.