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macro economics/asset allocation subject related books

hi all,

i am working towards a profile that focusses on asset allocation/macro investing and wanted some good text books to start on these lines .. i do understand that there wont be a simple text that teaches this and one acquires this skillset in the long run .. however, if i have to start understanding,

1. the impact of monetary and fiscal decisions on different asset classes
2. multi asset portfolio mgmt (assets and classes in different regimes and business cycles)

will there be some good textbooks to refer to, or perhaps a series of books that one can pick up as they build on foundations ..

further, with all the experience on this forum, any suggestions on how to keep abreast with markets. i have been following ft.com, risk.net, reading commentaries from portfolio managers etc but all that seems to be a bit unstructured .. you pick up a lot of things but cant bring it together to form the big picture or understand the correlation in the markets and think around where it could head

would there be some sites/research portals or other resources that i can follow on a regular basis to develop a structured & 'look at the big picture' thought process ..