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I'm pretty new here and this is my first post!
I am a recent graduate looking to start a masters degree in Financial Engineering in Europe.
After searching the forum I only found some information about a couple of the top European Universities such as ETH and Imperial. Also, except for this helpful link, I found no complete list of the courses offered in Europe, so I created a spreadsheet with all the master degrees in Europe. I have included all masters with the following titles: Quantitative Finance, Financial Engineering, Mathematical Finance, Computational Finance, Financial Mathematics and a couple similar ones.
I thought that I would create this post so that alumni or other people informed about these masters could provide information to help future applicants such as myself.
Any comment concerning factors such as school reputation, main focus of the program, connection with industry, scholarship possibilities etc. would be helpful.
Perhaps we could complete the excel and upload it in a more formal post.

Thank you for your help,
(Please excuse possible mistakes)

~~~List of Universities/ Programs~~~

Yes, I am also very interested.

Does anyone know anything about Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science degree at TU Munich? TUM is a great uni. in general, I just don't know anything about this programme.