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Master studies, what should i go for?

Hi guys,

I am a 20 year old undergraduate at a German business school. Currently I am studying business administration in my second year, but I dont want to pursue a master in that field. I am more interested in mathematics and quantitative modules. Right now i am an intern at a German bank in their quantitative engineering group and i feel like that is the place where i see myself in the future. I also did a quantitative trading internship which I liked a lot, but in regard to both internships I felt like a business administration master wouldnt get me there. The people there told me I should study math or quantitative finance in my masters, but i didnt really know if i would be able to study mathematics for my masters when i started with a business administration bachelor. Was anyone in a similiar situation after/during their bachelor? In general: What would you suggest to go for as a master: pure mathematics or smth like quantitative finance? I have really good fundamentals in mathematics,physics and statistics but I dont quite know if i am capable of studying pure mathematics without a bachelor in that field.

I am deeply grateful for practical suggestions and shared experiences.