Masters in Finance vs Financial engineering

Hi! I've been trying to figure out which masters in finance I should apply to... and I found very different programs and rankings...

For example, I found a ranking on quantnet (2020 QuantNet Ranking of Best Financial Engineering Programs) and another one on financial times (Business school rankings from the Financial Times -
In the ranking of quantnet, I discovered that Princeton is first... baruch.... but on some the other rankings, MIT finance program seems to be the best one and Baruch or Princeton don't even appear..

Does anyone know anything about this?

I'm looking for a masters in finance that could help me land a good job in the us (probably, CFA, not sure about cfa yet, and MBA later)... I've got a 710 gmat score.. but little experience (as I will be finishing the undergrad degree on engineering by december)
Princeton MFin is very heavy on the quantitative side (MIT's too), unlike many other MFin programs. Princeton is not on FT's list because it doesn't have a business school if I remember correctly.

Whether you should go for MFE or MFin (other than Princeton/MIT) would likely depend on what kind of finance jobs you're interested in.