Masters in Math and quant finance

Currently looking at grad school options. Background is that I'm presently working as a sell-side quant for a BB American bank but outside the US. I'm an engineering grad with decent math exposure from a fairly well-known uni internationally.

I'm quite happy with my job right now, but I want to get the experience of working in the US/UK for a while. My profile seems to be tailor-made for an MSFE/Mathematical Finance kind of program, but I don't find myself getting excited about studying the stuff I do now for the next two years. I do really want to study math though, so instead I'm looking at MS in math/applied math programs in the US. My plan is to take applied courses (numerical methods, PDEs, stochastic stuff) for the most part after doing the core program courses, so that the degree seems more employable and less "academic". End goal as of now is primarily to apply for quant finance roles in the US but I might look at other math-y career options as well, who knows.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I will be perceived in the quant job market post such a degree, from say a top-10/20 math department? And any thoughts on Math vs Applied Math as the name of the degree? I can't seem to find anyone trying/ who has tried a similar career path. It seems kind of risky to say the least, given how much money a masters costs. I do have contacts at my present job that should be able to help me get my foot through the door, but I don't want to be too reliant on them.

General advice much appreciated as well. Thanks.