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Hi Guys,

I got 68%ile(700) in subject GRE which i have given in November. I want to know if it acts as a negative point in the application. my academic background is pretty strong with high CGPA from IIT and A's in all math courses i took.



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AFAIK, you don't need the subject GRE to apply.... and, as it has been posted before, we have no idea what the admission committee is going to do. You need to apply to find out.


I am anyways applying for Baruch. Point is whether i should include Gre subject score or not ... I dont want my profile to be rated or something ... i am expecting people who have given it before to judge if this score is atleast decent enough to be mentioned in application. Hoping for relevant replies .. thank you very much ..


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Hey Bhargava

Dr. Dan Stefanica answered a similar query (made by me) in a previous post. He said upto 75% would be a good score to report.

I would suggest going through previous posts - this site is a goldmine of useful information.

I have a similar profile to yours (except the straight A's bit). Which IIT are you from, where are you applying to and whats your CGPA?


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75% is not set in stone. reporting the score is your decision. good luck!