MIT MFin Mathematics Background Requirements


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I'm interested in applying to MIT's MFin program next year. My concern is that my mathematical background is not that strong.

I'm an Economics undergraduate and have only completed what I consider the most basic of Calculus (Differentiation, Integration but not that much Series - No differential equations at all), Linear Algebra (Basic Matrix Operations, Gauss Elimination etc. but not Vector Spaces, Eigenvalues etc.), Statistics/Probability/Econometrics (Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Linear Regressions & Estimations etc. but nothing Stochastic, or calculus-based).

The truth is that I consider myself inclined towards mathematics and capable of learning new concepts. My question would be whether I will adequately learn the mathematical concepts that are needed, during the math preparation modules of the program, or I will be more or less expected to already know such concepts beforehand.

Any input from former/current students of the program would be very appreciated.