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MBA Vs MFE/Mfin (1.5+ Years Of Quant Hedge Fund Work Experience)

Hi everyone,
need suggestion - MFE vs MBA.
I am from India, I did my BTech from a top Engineering school in India (top 5 IIT ) ,and got a good opportunity to work as quantitative researcher in quant hedge fund based out Stamford ,Connecticut to work for their office in India. Its been 1.5 years .
While I like my work and everything and pay is good ,reasons I am looking for studying again is

1) I would like to go work in the US
2) Reduce my risk of exit opportunities, like lets say if i get fired or i want a change ,there are not many similar options here, so I would like to reduce this risk and gain access to more opportunities

Which might be better degree to do for long run? In short run I want to continue to work in buy side ,but not sure about long run. I am not sure MFE/MFin would be helpful if I want to change field later but on the another hand it looks like Many Buy side firms at least hedge funds don't seem to hire MBAs.

Some pros/cons of each according to me:

1) I think I will have good chance of admit to top school because of my work ex.
2)Also think can convert job interviews
3)only 1 year ,less cost + less opportunity cost
4)I get to learn finance topics properly

1)The whole degree as such wont help me because based on my experience finding new alphas(ideas) for trading are extremely hard and cannot be taught and comes overtime through experience.

1)will open opportunities in other fields or if i plan to return back will be helpful
2)Will be learning a lot of new things(at least I hope)
1)3 years exp(but good exp) might be less for MBA ,also a no name hedge fund so no brand
2)Not much buy side hire(can anyone comment on this?)
3)Huge cost

I am really confused
Should I apply for MFin/MFE vs MBA ,potentially would like to start in 2022.

Thanks for reading!
I applied to both MFEs and MBA (quantitative finance mba at wharton) this cycle so I'm largely in the same boat as you; My thoughts on an MBA were as follows: an MBA will definitely not open up more buy side opportunities for you (i.e. if you dont have the quant skills / experience before your MBA, the MBA isn't going to magically make them materialize). That being said, it can help you build a network with some top firms + you can leverage it to get a more senior position or in a role with some upward mobility (i.e. a VP at a bank, maybe a senior research/management type role at a larger hedge fund?).

That being said, I don't really know much about how MBA U.S exit-ops are like for international students at US universities with 0 US work experience.

Overall though, I would say you should go for an MFE/non-MBA quantitative/technical degree (like CS) if you're looking to 1. work in the US 2. want to stay in buy side finance at least in the short term 3. want to minimize the risk of finding another job if your firm goes under/you get fired; You can opt for an MBA later if you decide to branch out of the buy side
If your target is-
1) Quant researcher in BB/hedge- More often than not you need mostly a PhD ( in maths/stats/physics, engineering maths don't count) and good coding skils
2) Alpha Quants(Trader)- Top Bachelors from a traget school think MIT or Stanford and BS in CS/Maths
3) Quant dev/Algo quant- Purely a CS based role, required skills are programming and SDLC experience and a side interest in finance would do.
4) Risk Quant- With regulatory scenario in US and elsewhere, its growing, Prior to advent of MFE, statistician/econometrics grads used to do. MFE will be ideal.
5) Data Science Quant- You got dedicated DS programs that teaches complete ML stack applicable to a wide range of jobs, not only quant finance
6) VP/Dir in BB- All banks/HedgeF hire MBA w finance specialization but would be difficult to go buy/sell or the PnL side. Mostly ops, risk and control practices.
7) PM in general Mgmt- It can open doors for almost all types of roles and natural progession would be Prod Mgmt/Lead/VP if that interests you