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MFE 2023 Profile Evaluation

Hey guys, I'm in the middle of the application process for MFE programs, but I'm a little bit worried on my chances as I'm only applying to 5 programs. Would really appreciate if you guys can take a look at my profile and give some feedback!

School: UCB, major in Computer Science & Statistics, GPA: 3.79/4.0
Courses: Calculus (A+), Multi-Calculus (A), Linear Algebra (A), Machine Learning (A), Calculus based Statistics (A-), Stochastic process (A-), with a bunch of other programming/math/stat courses. Proficient in Python, Java, and C.
Work experiences: 1 Big name Chinese Asset management intern (4 months) + 2 PE interns in China + 1 quant research intern (didn't do a lot)

Target School: MIT MFin, CMU MSCF, Columbia MFE, Yale Asset Management, UChicago Finmath

I know my gpa is dragging me down, but I'm kind of curious if the admission committee will consider the fact that Berkeley has insane gpa deflation, especially in cs courses. I think I did pretty well in the courses that MFE requires, and my internships are somehow on track I guess. Plz leave some thoughts and I would love to hear any feedbacks on my profile. Many thanks!
hey do you have any advice for GRE quant prep? I'm currently stuck at low 160s
Jaspxxx, This looks like a very nice profile! The finance internships are very important especially if you did not minor in Finance or Econ. As a general point, not about your profile :), I think one should always apply to more programs than just the target schools. I assume you are not just applying to your 5 target schools. Good Luck !
hey do you have any advice for GRE quant prep? I'm currently stuck at low 160s

This company is really good. They helped me go from the low 160s to 170.