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MFE @ Claremont Graduate University Online Chat 01.19.12

Nola Wanta

Director, MSFE & MBA
The Director of the MFE program at Claremont Graduate University (CGU) will be hosting an Online Chat on Thursday, January 19, 5-6pm (PST - CA time) / 8-9pm (EST - NY time). Our "Career Dude," a current student, and alum will be joining the online chat.

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Highlights of the MFE @ CGU
  • The program is a joint partnership between Math and Management (Finance)
  • We accept students with 0-1 work experience. Our FE students come from a range of academic backgrounds and work experience.
  • We emphasize the basics and build on your academics based on your career goals
  • Students have the option of doing a dual degree with MS Math or an MBA
  • Claremont is the center of learning where CGU is part of a consortium of colleges - Harvey Mudd, Pomona, Claremont McKenna, etc.
  • Claremont is a small town in Southern CA - 30 min from downtown LA, the beaches, the mountains, and the desert. We don't have snow and have about 330 days of sunshine.
Looking forward to your questions and chatting with you!