MFE for 6 months?

Hi guys,

I am exploring options to do a MFE course from a reputed university. What I am not sure is if these schools offer complete degree course to be completed within 6 months. The thing is, i dont want to leave my job but i dont like a distance education program. I want to do a program with full commitment, on campus. I can get a sabbatical only for 6 months and not for 1 year. (distance education programs are sometimes 6 months as well). does anyone know if any good school provides MFE or MFE like course for 6 months?

Stochastic Processes for Finance I and II, Regression/Time Series, Risk, Programming, Numerical, etc. 12 courses at this intensity level all in 1 semester? If it existed I would strongly advise even the wisest to avoid it.
people do CQF in 6 months.. and they are happy.. and its just part time.. imagine if i give full time for a course like much i can really get from it.. u get my idea? CQF is a good course..with good content.. but i can't give as much as i want.. my 100 %.. it will probably 20 hrs a week.. i.e. 30% a week? something better out thr?
thanks everyone. what about the distance programs from good universities like columbia/NYU ? I was a bit reluctant about distance learning of these school because of the course content. the one we have in hong kong for stanford is a joke. do you know of any good schools which provide distanc learning and are really good in content as well?
have you checked National University of Singapore? They do offer distance learning program and provide career support for distance learning student as well.
yesterday was the last day to submit applications .. very late to do my research.. waiting for another year doesn't make sense..
my company is ready to sponsor my admission for part time courses.. i wonder if CQF is the right way to go.. i understand i will learn good stuff there.. but no benefits of a good school.. most of the school ask for gmat/gre i dont think i have option to apply in schools for mfe programs this year. i guess i will go ahead with CQF..and see next year whats waiting for me...
thanks Andy. i have read this link before and i am aware that CQF doesn't provide much of career opportunities. i am not looking for a career change immediately and i am empoyed in a good role in a good firm. its just that in future if i need to change, being part of a good school with good alumni network generally helps. CQF probably doesn't provide that well. but i guess..for my position, it doesn;t matter much. i do hope to change my role within the firm after this course which is really my responsibility and not of CQF.

hi everyone, one more question on this thread. I recently found out about the graduate certificate program from Stanford which i can apply and prepare online (similar to CQF). Duration is for 1-2 yrs like an online masters program but not same.

I kind of like the content.. quite related to what i am looking for. But now CQF is quite intense isn't it.. 6 months and much more course material.

I dont know what much about graduate certificate course from Stanford. Could someone shed some light on this?how do you weight CQF vs this stanford program?

fees wise there isn;t much difference... but i suppose a graduate certificate from stanford is not same as a degree from stanford? It won't have same weight on the CV?