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MFE/MFin | Profile Evaluation | Fall '21 Admissions


New Member
Hello everyone,

I am an MFE aspirant looking forward to apply for the fall '21 admissions. I want to have my profile evaluated and would love to hear your recommendations where you think I can work towards my profile.

  • Education: B. Eng. in Electronics and Telecommunication (reputed institute) with CGPA: 8.5/10 (~3.7 on US scale)
  • Work Ex: 2 years as a Data Scientist - projects on regression, deep learning, NLP across multiple business industries (languages: Python, R, Matlab, SQL, and other big data platforms and querying languages)
  • Finance-related Exp: Certification in Algo Trading & Computational Finance (NSE, India), relevant finance courses online (e.g.- Financial Engineering - Columbia Univ), currently working towards development of an algorithm using RNNs for spot market
  • Extra-curricular: have plenty of them - ranging from fields like entrepreneurship to certificate of excellence by United Nations
  • GRE - not taken yet, but well aware of the requirements

My major concern is relevant finance experience. My short-term goals are focused towards working in HFs/AMs post MFE (inclined towards algo trading roles).

Would my profile be a good fit for top programs in the US (like Baruch, Princeton, UCB, Stanford etc.)?

I would really appreciate feedback and suggestions. Thanks!