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MFE/MFin profile evaluation

Hi All,

I am an MFE aspirant from India and was hoping to get an evaluation for my profile for MFE/Mfin programs in US.

-> Education: Integrated Master's program in Engineering (B.Tech + M.Tech) at a top IIT (analogous to top IVY league universities in US); CGPA: 6.7/10 ~ 2.9/4 (US standards)
-> CFA Level III Candidate
-> FRM Level II Candidate
-> GRE: 170(Quant) 160(Verbal)

-> Experience: 1 year 6 months at bulge bracket (GS,MS,JP,BAML) in S&T role at the time of application. Will have above 2 years of exp. at the time of admit in Fall 2020
-> First in the team to receive an excellence award from the COO.
-> Can get 3 strong recommendations to support my application.

I understand that my CGPA can be deal breaker, but would all the achievements post college give me a chance at the top programs?

Like MIT/Princeton/UCB/UCLA/NYU/Columbia/Baruch/CMU/Cornell? Also, I aspire to move to a Hedge Funds/AMs post MFE.

Appreciate any suggestions in this regard. Thanks in advance!
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similar situation as you, good work exp, bad gpa (3.1 us scale). Let's see what others have to say.

Also consider that most MFE's end up in banks/ratings agencies/fintech companies, based on recent linkedin trends (at least for NYU). As an international you'll probably need it to enter the gate, but try to distinguish yourself according to things that HFs/AMs want to see (easy to say, hard to do).
That's true about the HFs/AMs and thanks for the inputs. Would be eager to hear from others, who would have had an offsetting impact of good experience over bad GPAs.