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MFE Profile Evaluation (Domestic Applicant)

Hello, I'm a senior (US citizen) currently double majoring in economics and statistics at UNC-CH. I would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of which programs I should realistically apply to.

*wall of text warning*
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.902
  • Major GPA (only courses counting towards either major): ~3.95
  • GRE: 168Q/165V/5.0AWA
  • No relevant internship or research experience
Relevant coursework:
note: ** denotes a grade of A-, all other courses were passed with an A

Calculus II/III
Intro to Programming (Java)
Financial Accounting
Corporate Finance
International Economics
Statistical Methods I
Financial Markets*
Discrete Mathematics
Advanced Microeconomics
Linear Algebra
Spreadsheet Modeling

Relevant courses in progress:
Data Science (R-programming)
Stochastic Modeling
Intro to C++

Courses to be taken:
Intro to Optimization
Machine Learning OR Mathematical Statistics OR Advanced Methods of Data Analysis
Differential Equations
Real Analysis I (would like feedback on whether or not this is necessary)

Peer Tutor for University's economics department
Involvement in student-run investment fund ($40k of real money)

At the moment, I am planning on applying for CMU MSCF/NYU FinMath/Columbia MSFE/Berkeley MFE as my target schools and NCSU/GTech and maybe Rutgers as safeties.

I'm honestly not sure what an appropriate range of schools should be given that most candidates with my background generally have multiple impressive internships.

If anyone could give me a rough list of reach/match/safety programs, I would be forever grateful.