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MFE programs after two years of Quant Experience

I am an dual degree (Btech+Mtech) passout from IIT Delhi. I've been working in a quant firm(not tower or worldquant) in Gurgaon for past two year. I had a GPA of 8.2. I would like to know what more do I need to get into top 10-20 MFE programs in US?
1)What would be a good score in GRE?
2) Do I need to give GMAt? What would be a good score in GMAT?
3) How many recommendation do I need?
4)Also, Is more quant experience useful?

Regarding LOR : I will have one from thesis advisor at IITD. Is there any advantage if the field I worked in MTech Thesis was more on the theoretical side of CS?
Otherwise, for extra LORs, I will need to ask my employers.
1) Perfect score or close on math and a decent score on Verbal
2) Not unless you are applying to a school that only accepts the GMAT. Most schools prefer the GRE.
3) Depends on school
4) Not necessary but it will help.

5) Doesn't really matter, it is more important to get a good recommendation from someone who knows you very well. If possible, get a recommendation from both industry & academia.