MFE programs w/ good finance education?

Hi, since my previous experiences are mostly focused on engineering, I probably need a program with good finance exposure and education. Which program, among Cornell MFE, Columbia MFEngineering, CMU MSCF, UChicago MathFin, NYU MathFin, would be better? Also, if I want to be a quant trader in future, do I need good finance knowledge? For quant researcher this might not be very necessary but I'm not sure for trading roles. Thanks!
I don’t know much on Cornell’s program so I’m going to exclude it. I broke my rankings into 2 based off finance core courses and finance elective courses.

Core courses: (1) CMU, (2) Chicago, (3) NYU, (4) Columbia

Elective courses: (1) NYU and Columbia, (2) Chicago, (3) CMU
I would add MIT MFin to your considerations. The program seems to be designed with someone like you in mind.

Finance is part of their core.

I can't speak to quant trading, but it's useful for scaling fundamental equity and credit forecasts.

It also becomes important should you have the misfortune to become a manager at some point in your career with budget responsibility.