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MFE vs Master in Machine Learning

Hi guys. I have been accepted into two very different masters programs - MSFE from UIUC and MSc machine learning from UCL. My ultimate goal is to work in the finance industry. Clearly the program at MSFE focuses more on finance than the program at UCL, however, I was thinking that a machine learning masters might set me apart from the huge number of people getting FE masters degrees these days. Furthermore, many quant job postings mention experience with machine learning as a plus. Also, the tuition for UCL is about half that of UIUC. And the UCL program is probably more likely to allow me to do a Phd in the future (although I'm not sure if I want to do this).

I am truely on the fence so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I think you have 2 options to make sure for yourself which we cannot advice. 1) Tuition. Of how much concern is the tuition for you?! and the 2nd - Phd. If you really want to do PhD and UCL gives you ore opportunity then UCL is the better choice. But as for comparison of MSFE and machine learning, I think that for finance industry MSFE would be more beneficial.
I completely agree with Tsotne's points on tuition and phd option, and adt's point.

I think the MSc in machine learning is the way to go if it interests you. MFE programs are popping up everywhere and more and more people are applying to these programs. With the MSFE, you would be one of many looking to get only a handful of jobs in finance. I think the MSc in ML sets you apart, and ML can be applied to so many other things, opening up the potential for a job in data analytics, business intelligence, etc across a variety of industries.
UCL is an outstanding Uni and being an expert in machine learning is far more valuable than being just another MFE grad.
No, but he will have a background which 99% of the people he's competing against won't, which has value in itself, particularly when someone is looking for just that skill. If an employer wants an MFE grad, they have x,000 to choose from, what will make him any better than them? You need a competitive advantage to survive in this world, and that also applies to those who do MFE's, get their "dream" job, and then have to forge a career for themselves in a market place where what you can actually do is more important than the certificates you have. An MFE can get your foot in the door, but it won't help you survive in the long term, particularly when everyone else you work with knows how to solve Black-Scholes and how to program in C++ too..