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MIT Mfin 18-month FE track VS UChicago MSFM

Which program would you guys recommend?

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Hey guys! I recently have received UChicago's MSFM offer and yet have been waiting for the MIT's decision. But I have been wondering about the comparison between the two programs. As we all know, UChicago's MSFM is more related to quantitative finance and the potential job opportunities are more related to prop shop tradings or hedge funds and asset managements firms, while MIT Mfin has good school prestige and good curriculum selection opportunities. Personally, I could not really tell if I am more into very straight quantitative tradings after graduation. I have seen a lot of relatively negative reviews from the graduates of MIT Mfin program, which is about the large class size and separation from cultural groups, etc. So, could you guys give me some insights about which program to choose from, considering the potential salary after graduation and the CDO comparison, etc. Thank you guys!